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Recent works.

The Jugno's Salon E-11,

Project details

Location: E-11, Islamabad, Pakistan
Project Type: Complete renovation of a 11000 sq. ft. MS structure wedding hall into a sophisticated salon.

Project Value: Rs. 40.3 million – a priceless investment for a space that transcends the ordinary.

Steel Structure Modification: We sculpted the foundation to perfection, ensuring strength and durability.

Façade Glass Curtain Wall & Aluminum Cladding:  The exterior now gleams with a contemporary allure, inviting you into a world of elegance.

Internal Renovation: From the ground up, our team meticulously crafted every detail – from exquisite tiles to ceilings that touch the sky.

Electrical & Air Conditioning: Modern comfort seamlessly intertwines with aesthetics for an unparalleled experience.

In-Built Steel & Wooden Furniture: Every piece of furniture is not just functional but a work of art in itself.

Bathroom & Kitchen: Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with our meticulously designed spaces.
MS Stair and Working Counter: Ascend to new heights of sophistication with our stunning staircase and counters.
MS Roof Water Repair & Waterproofing: Our commitment to perfection extends even to the heavens, ensuring a leak-free experience.

Parking Shed of APL at
Islamabad Airport

Project details

Location: Islamabad International Airport
Project Type: A monumental feat featuring the complete construction of a parking shed, offices, approach road, and a charming small bridge.

Covered Area: 7900 Sq. Ft.

Project Value: A staggering Rs. 25.5 million – an investment in a vision that is now a tangible reality.

Excavation & Leveling: We sculpted the earth, creating a canvas for our masterpiece.

Concrete Approach Road: A smooth journey begins with a road that whispers promises of convenience.
Concrete Culvert: Bridges connect more than just paths; they bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement.
Gravel Filling: Every grain symbolizes a step towards a solid foundation.
PCC and Concrete Tuff Paver: Elegance meets functionality in a harmonious blend of paving perfection.
Foundation of Steel Shed: Where dreams take root and soar to new heights.
MS Structure and Overall Fencing: Security and aesthetics converge in a dance of strength and elegance.
Office and Bathroom Area: Spaces designed not just for utility but as a testament to comfort and functionality.

HBL Main Branch

Project details

Location: Bhimbar Azad Jamu & Kashmir

Project Type: A complete renovation for an Islamic Branch that transcends boundaries.

Covered Area: 5200 Sq. Ft.

Project Value: A substantial Rs. 37.30 million – an investment in a sanctuary where tradition meets innovation.

 Structural Civil Works: Laying the foundation for a future steeped in strength and resilience.

Tile Flooring: Every step echoes the harmony of tradition and modernity.

Complete Electrical: Illuminating the path to progress with brilliance that lights up the soul.

HAVC: Creating a climate of comfort where warmth meets efficiency.

Bathrooms & Kitchen: Spaces designed not just for utility but as a testament to comfort and functionality.

Cash Counters: Where transactions become seamless, and customer service reigns supreme.

Concrete Cash Vault & Lockers: The fortress of trust and security, built to stand the test of time.

Ceiling Work: A canopy of elegance that embraces the soul of the branch.

Wood Work: Craftsmanship that speaks volumes, capturing the essence of timeless beauty.

Fire Alarm: A guardian angel that ensures safety in every heartbeat.

CCTV, Data Networking, Sound System: The nerve center of modern connectivity and communication.

Wiring of Bank Security Systems: A web of protection that stands guard, ensuring peace of mind.

Glass Doors & Glass Partitions: Transparent elegance that invites you into a world of sophistication.


Aluminum DAMP Ceiling: A touch of contemporary finesse that crowns the space with grace.


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